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banjo / банджо, картер, коробка
имя существительное
casing, banjo
box, case, shell, receptacle, banjo, framework
имя существительное
a stringed musical instrument with a long neck and a round open-backed body consisting of parchment stretched over a metal hoop like a tambourine, played by plucking or with a plectrum. It is used especially in American folk music.
Baxter is probably best known as the ace pedal steel, banjo , dobro, guitar, all-'round musical utility guy for Bob Dylan, Steve Earle and Ryan Adams.
The variant of the Willard patent banjo clock shown in Plates IX and IXa is inscribed ‘DANIEL / MUNROE’ on the lower glass.
he plays the banjo
a banjo clock
Positively sealed by O-rings, the banjo design allows 360 degrees rotation of the regular for ideal positioning.
Their huge array of instruments includes guitars, banjo , mandolin, bass, piano, organ, tabla and djembe, making this gig a must for all lovers of acoustic driven music.
An acoustic guitar, an occasional banjo , a cello, a violin are all elements found at the core of The Books' music.
Dating from between about 1795 and 1800, it has a dial signed by David Wood of Newbusyport, Massachusetts, who also made tall-case and banjo clocks.
she played a few tunes on the banjo
Over two albums, the Books have plucked sampled voices from their original context and arranged them inside simple compositions for sliced-and-diced guitar, banjo , and cello.
Most people, when they hear about the banjo and guitar, suspect it'll be pretty light.