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banister / перила, балюстрада, балясина
имя существительное
railing, handrail, rail, balustrade, banisters, banister
balustrade, baluster, banister
baluster, banister
имя существительное
the structure formed by uprights and a handrail at the side of a staircase.
This effect also would be pretty on a porch rail or stair banister .
Dr. Bender takes off his overcoat and hangs it on the newel post of the banister .
There was a banister hand rail that ran up the center of the steps, making two lanes.
There is an intricate Victorian tiled entrance hall with a splendid banister and staircase leading to the upper floor and which is well lit by a large skylight.
So they fastened boards on either side of the banister and caulked and painted to fill in.
Kyle vaulted the banister and landed on his toes, letting his heels land second.
She ran out into the hall and peered over the banister of the stairs, just in time to see her mother race out of the master bedroom.
This effect also would be pretty on a porch rail or stair banister .
he vaulted the banister
The wood floors were highly polished as was the banister of the staircase.
Numerous period features remain: the Victorian staircase with its carved wooden banisters , the 1820s ornate stuccoed ceilings, the many stone and marble fireplaces.