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bangle / браслет, запястье
имя существительное
bracelet, band, wristband, bangle, armlet, wristlet
wrist, carpus, bangle
hang, bangle
hang, droop, hang down, dangle, sag, bangle
парить в воздухе
kite, bangle
имя существительное
a rigid bracelet or anklet.
Twist 14-gauge wire into spiral formations to bang out copper bangle bracelets assembly-line style.
At Obigwe, pottery again proved to be the predominant find, along with a pipe bowl, burnt kernels, and a broken copper bangle .
Scottie gave Charlie a cosmetic bag that his mom had picked out, and Sara's present was a silver plated bangle bracelet.
The most expensive thing we stole was this big, pink bangle which cost around $18 dollars.
The Indian-inspired glittery bangle is back and adds some pizzazz to any look - they can be picked up relatively cheap, and you need several to get the look down.
Three gold bangle bracelets were on her left wrist, and two on her right.
She had on a gold watch, a couple of gold rings and bangle bracelets, and her locket.
It was a gold plated solid bangle with starburst patterns.
Amono's anklet turned to a bangle of solid amber which had once been sap, the lifeblood of trees.
She finished getting ready by putting on her favorite necklace and some bangle bracelets.
I tried a few different accessories - some rings, a necklace, and bangle bracelets - but none of them seemed to fit.