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banger / фейерверк, сосиска, старый подержанный автомобиль
имя существительное
fireworks, firework, banger, firecracker
sausage, banger, frankfurter, weenie, snag, red-hot
старый подержанный автомобиль
имя существительное
a sausage.
bangers and beans
a car in poor condition, especially a noisy one.
they've got an old banger
a loud explosive firework.
These fireworks are no longer bangers but more like explosives, which, only recently, have been used to blow telephone boxes to pieces.
Rally rules state that the car cannot be worth more than £100 and Les and Claudio had a struggle in getting their banger in a condition to race.
It's like paying off the mortgage on your house or choosing to lease a new car over three years instead of keeping your old banger with its crippling repair bills.
they've only got an old banger
Sorry we're late, but I had the old banger apart and it took longer to put it back together than I figured.
On a family visit to Windsor Safari Park just to get used to his new car, a jumpy old banger with steering wheel stick-shift gears, Ron was flagged down by a policeman.
The gallant ten-year-old has more miles on the clock than an old banger , but he still has the engine and constitution of a Land Rover.
they've got an old banger
You stick your fingers up in anger as you wheelspin away in your old banger , kicking out enough fumes to create another twenty foot hole in the ozone.
If you already own a car, and don't intend to keep it, then you also need to estimate a trade-in price for your old banger .
Looking out of my sitting room window this morning, I noted that, of all the cars I could see in the surrounding driveways, my husband and I have the oldest bangers on the block.