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bang / взрыв, удар, челка
имя существительное
explosion, bang, blast, blowing up, burst, bursting
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, bang
bang, fringe, forelock, quiff
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, bang
hit, smite, strike, bump, knock, bang
direct, right, straight, directly, live, bang
suddenly, all of a sudden, at once, all at once, overnight, bang
как раз
just, exactly, right, even as, even, bang
bang in the middle of town
имя существительное
a sudden loud noise.
the door slammed with a bang
a fringe of hair cut straight across the forehead.
she brushed back her wispy bangs
an act of sexual intercourse.
the character “!”.
strike or put down (something) forcefully and noisily, typically in anger or in order to attract attention.
he began to bang the table with his fist
cut (hair) in a fringe.
used to express or imitate the sound of a sudden loud noise.
firecrackers went bang
used to convey the suddenness of an action or process.
the minute something becomes obsolete, bang, it's gone
The drop in revenues between the fourth quarter and the first quarter of this year is bang in line with the trend of the past three years.
These are perhaps most obvious as we leave the prison, and walk past the site of what will become a bang up-to-date mother and baby facility, due to open next year.
On November 5, we watched fireworks, but those we hear now are nothing like I remember; they are just bang, bang, bang !
Just when you thought it was safe to never watch a Cavs game again, bang !
An example of a bang in the middle of town and bang up-to-date venue is The Hub, in Edinburgh.
The organisation was updated bang 21st century.
Slap bang in the middle of the week commencing September 17, it's the Top Gear charity karting evening.
Whether it was because of the blow or the resulting bang against the column, Suzanne didn't know.
firecrackers went bang
When it came within a metre of the canoe, Henri gave it a hard bang on the snout with his paddle.