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bane / отрава, проклятие, погибель
имя существительное
poison, bane
curse, damn, damnation, goddamn, bane, anathema
perdition, bane, ruination
destroy, ruin, kill, perish, undo, bane
poison, bane, blight, intoxicate, envenom, empoison
имя существительное
a cause of great distress or annoyance.
the bane of the decorator is the long, narrow hall
His dyslexia - the bane of his life - meant that he found writing difficult, and he preferred giving papers at meetings.
When juvenile nuisance and disorder are the bane of so many neighbourhoods already, some people are not only fuelling this curse, but actually making a profit from it.
That evil is malevolent violence, a curse that is the bane of our human existence.
Critics are seen as the bane of writers' lives, torturing their intuitively wrought texts by dissection with a sharp set of surgical knives.
Even though he considered his older double the bane of his life, he seemed unable to ignore him.
They had to be counted, bagged and labelled and they were the bane of my life.
Cell phones make it much easier to suffer through the brutal traffic jams that are the bane of city life around the world.
On the other hand there are the low waist pants - the bane of my life.
It was the bane of her life, or at least it was presently.
the depressions that were the the bane of her existence