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bandwagon / грузовик с оркестром, победившая сторона, повальное увлечение
имя существительное
грузовик с оркестром
победившая сторона
повальное увлечение
craze, rage, bandwagon
имя существительное
a wagon used for carrying a band in a parade or procession.
He says a bit in his defence and then carries on on his bandwagon .
a particular activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular.
the local deejays are on the home-team bandwagon
While reluctant to jump on the celebrity bandwagon , Mansfield has been active in pursuing other ways to move his company forward.
In the short-term meanwhile, there are plans for a website, as Robertson jumps on the e-commerce bandwagon .
they would not climb aboard the bandwagon of every fashionable social issue
While others may be content to jump on the electroclash bandwagon , Tiga again proves to be an innovator.
Hundreds of cities around the nation have climbed onto the sustainability bandwagon .
He says a bit in his defence and then carries on on his bandwagon .
One thing Clinic could never be accused of is copying anyone's sound or jumping aboard the latest fashionable bandwagon .
Even as the bandwagon rolled over their son's grave, they honoured his memory by voicing nothing but calm compassion for his killer.
Apart from the integrated oil outfits, lots of other businesses are now climbing on board the environmental bandwagon .
Most of them have already hopped on the Linux bandwagon , largely by working with the likes of Linuxcare and Red Hat.