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bandleader / бэндлидер
имя существительное
a player or conductor at the head of a musical band.
Singers, composers and bandleaders have been drawing inspiration from all the borders of the sea to enliven and enrich their recipes.
As soon as the bandleader raised his baton, we stood up and my husband led me onto the floor.
The switching of the power axis from one brother's writing to the other wouldn't be a problem though, if Mick weren't still the bandleader and chief songwriter.
He dislikes classical music and refers to him throughout as a bandleader .
I can make enough as a bandleader and itinerant musician to eke by, supplemented with the occasional website construction gig here and there.
Local musical icon Joey Lewis celebrates 50 years as a bandleader this year.
Clearly a musical talent, Warren became the pianist and bandleader for the Everly Brothers for the next two years.
In 1972 he signed a contract with Milestone Records where he developed as a bandleader and solo acoustic pianist, winning two Grammy Award nominations.
Ives had worshipped his father, a bandleader who was always trying to ‘stretch’ his ears with unusual sounds.
Smokey Robinson was one of the heroes of our age: singer, songwriter, bandleader , producer, businessman.
I'm the bandleader , and he's one of the musicians.