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banal / банальный, пошлый
имя прилагательное
banal, commonplace, trite, corny, trivial, hackneyed
vulgar, banal, platitudinous, flimsy, low-lived, low-minded
имя прилагательное
so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.
songs with banal, repeated words
It doesn't really say anything new and tells its story in the most banal and predictable manner possible.
I suspect that he thinks he is one, which is why we are occasionally treated to comments that to most people appear banal .
The outcome of this populist turn is the celebration of the ordinary and the banal .
I find most New Age spiritual music to be boring and banal but I've met a lot of people that find great use for it.
While some of the book's guidelines are common sense, others are banal .
As long as domesticated TV reigns supreme, our fascination with the banal will surely continue.
This outcome has become a banal tautology repeated in every pharmaceutical marketing article.
The banal and obvious truth is that life and a country are largely what you make of them.
What followed was flagrant musical bankruptcy and the insufferable drone of banal music.
So expertly dissected that it's like all great satire - banal in its accuracy and attention to detail.