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ban / запрет, запрещение, анафема
имя существительное
ban, prohibition, taboo, embargo, interdict, forbiddance
prohibition, ban, inhibition, interdiction, taboo, interdict
anathema, ban
forbid, prohibit, ban, disable, disallow, inhibit
налагать запрет
ban, bamboozle
curse, damn, execrate, anathematize, accurse, ban
имя существительное
an official or legal prohibition.
a proposed ban on cigarette advertising
a curse.
Once enacted, the ban cannot be undone, even if the person has a change of heart, Severns said…
a monetary unit of Romania, equal to one hundredth of a leu.
If you want milk you have to ask for it and it costs extra (often 50 bani or 5000 old lei) and is usually a single creamer and not real milk.
officially or legally prohibit.
he was banned from driving for a year
For this reason, and because of the potential hazards described in this article, a legal ban on the use of powdered latex gloves may occur.
He said soccer fans were an integral part of the soccer revolution anywhere in the world and cited cases when teams had failed to perform well once a ban was imposed on them to play in an empty stadium.
Once enacted, the ban cannot be undone, even if the person has a change of heart, Severns said…
a three-year driving ban
McConnell has taken advice from his legal team that a ban on public health grounds in Scotland is entirely within his powers.
Despite the official ban on direct trade with China, cross-strait trade soared into record territory, economics officials said yesterday.
As well as the three-year driving ban and six-month curfew, the magistrates also ordered her to sit another test before getting her licence back.
The Times & Citizen leads with the report that the Oakley Hunt is vowing to continue despite the possibility of a legal ban on fox-hunting.
a proposed ban on foreign correspondents was condemned by international leaders
It notes the evidence before the domestic courts to the effect that the European countries operating a blanket legal ban on homosexuals in their armed forces are now in a small minority.