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balneology / бальнеология
имя существительное
Gradually, the accent on recreational tourism promotion has changed, towards specialised forms of tourism - cultural, historical, balneology , village and ecological tourism.
Shuleva and her German counterpart further mapped out prospects to exchange experience in balneology .
This means that Bulgaria ranks amongst the leading countries in the world in terms of balneology .
Modern balneology started in the beginning of the 20th century after a thorough study of mud and lye properties.
It is sad to view balneology tourism as a medical practice, based on the origin of the word balneology (in medicine).
He said that US travel agents are interested in the opportunities offered for eco tourism, balneological tourism, recreational relaxation holidays and rural tourism.
In the main square of the town there is a fountain and the statue of Dr. Dietl, a well known balneologist and a president of Kraków.
Brokers said that foreign buyers frequently buy houses close to famous balneological centres or in the mountains, in small villages or towns.
However, balneologists warn that despite all positive qualities the sulphate water has, it is a bit ‘aggressive’, and poses risks of ailments such as malignant tumours and tuberculosis.
However, in Europe and Japan, there are general standards that are widely accepted by balneologists .