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ballsy / напористая
имя прилагательное
tough and courageous.
a cool, ballsy woman who could not be intimidated
I liked the ballsy women and the gallant men, and their cheap-shot locker-room humour.
One of their biggest fans, he says, is an attractive, ballsy , slightly plump female friend who constantly complained that men didn't see her inner beauty.
I just relished that ballsy attitude, and I found that it helped me own my own masculinity.
The last time somebody did something this ballsy it was called Metal Machine Music, and we spent the next 20 years arguing about whether or not it was brilliant.
That, if you ask me, is intelligent, ballsy politics.
They were ballsy , gritty, and more simply, a great rock ‘n’ roll band.
I thought it was very ballsy to put a dramatic moment between two characters in the midst of a third act that had seemingly spiraled out of control.
Though she was the size and shape of a toddler, her personality and grasp of the language was that of a ballsy 35-year-old woman.
I approached with some trepidation, contemplating whether I was feeling ballsy enough to go back in.
We wanted to make a film that was gutsy and ballsy .