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ballpark / стадион, примерное количество
имя существительное
stadium, ballpark, athletic field
примерное количество
имя существительное
a baseball stadium or field.
‘It's the biggest ballpark in baseball right now,’ Gonzalez moaned.
имя прилагательное
(of prices or costs) approximate; rough.
the ballpark figure is $400–500
It is not quite that simple, but it will put you in the ballpark .
Not that there was much resemblance; it was just the only other countenance within the same ballpark of hideousness.
That doesn't quite happen in A.I., but it's in the ballpark .
‘They [CSKA] are definitely in a different ballpark as regards spending,’ admitted McLeish.
But one said the US groups had been looking at ballpark values of between €2.6 billion and €3.0 billion.
How much will the pipeline cost to build, in ballpark terms?
Last Post explained that only a ballpark room rate figure was required.
This 40 per cent ballpark figure gives us 10 per cent of GDP or €11 billion which we might spend.
Is the back of the envelope calculation in the ballpark or am I missing something here?
Is there a ballpark figure that you're seeking?