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ballot / голосование, избирательный бюллетень, баллотировка
имя существительное
vote, voting, ballot, poll, polling, division
избирательный бюллетень
ballot, ballot paper, vote, voting-paper
vote, ballot, poll
vote, poll, ballot, vote by ballot, take a ballot, elect by ballot
vote, ballot
тянуть жребий
draw lots, ballot
имя существительное
a process of voting, in writing and typically in secret.
next year's primary ballot
(of an organization) elicit a secret vote from (members) on a particular issue.
the union is preparing to ballot its members on the same issue
The turnout for the ballot was 68 per cent, and of those, the vote was 2,947 in favour of action and 2,246 against.
Voting by ballot in Division elections shall be conducted by mail and shall include the option of electronic means as provided for by the Board of Directors.
‘It could be we will ballot our IT members on possible industrial action,’ he told the paper.
a ballot decides which investors will be successful in buying the stock
In fact the ballot saw 57 per cent of tenants turn out to vote with 76 per cent voting ‘yes’ to the move.
Debs won 897,000 votes on election day, 6 percent of the ballot before women had the right to vote.
the commissioners were elected by ballot
The Teachers Union of Ireland is preparing to ballot its members on the offer.
Punch cards have averaged a residual vote rate of 2.5 percent in presidential elections and 4.7 percent down the ballot .
About 300 school caretakers and cleaners employed by Jarvis in Huddersfield and Dewsbury, west Yorkshire, are set to ballot for strikes over pay and conditions.