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balloon / воздушный шар, баллон, аэростат
имя существительное
воздушный шар
balloon, air balloon, aerostat
balloon, cylinder, bulb, gas cylinder, bag, bomb
balloon, aerostat, air balloon, gasbag
подниматься на воздушном шаре
bloat, swell, distend, puff up, balloon, bloat out
inflate, swell, distend, finagle, diddle, balloon
имя существительное
a brightly colored rubber sac inflated with air and then sealed at the neck, used as a children's toy or a decoration.
It is now colourfully decorated in balloons and streamers.
a large bag filled with hot air or gas to make it rise in the air, typically carrying a basket for passengers.
he set his sights on crossing the Pacific by balloon
a rounded outline in which the words or thoughts of characters in a comic strip or cartoon are written.
When applicable, Robinson will overlap his word balloons .
a large rounded drinking glass, used for brandy and other drinks.
Once this concoction is ready, be careful to drink it in without any garnishing in a brandy balloon glass .
swell out in a spherical shape; billow.
the trousers ballooned out below his waist
travel by hot-air balloon.
he is famous for ballooning across oceans
имя прилагательное
resembling a balloon; puffed.
a flouncy balloon curtain
It was finished artwork, and they would ask me to, you know, insert a comma in a word balloon .
When the heater kicks on, it fills your robe like a hot-air balloon .
A puppy dropped by parachute from a hot-air balloon descends safely into the garden of a secret convent.
Practically every panel in the book has something, often a word balloon , but sometimes an arm or a piece of clothing, poking out over the edge.
Then the group hopped out of the hot air balloon basket and looked upwards towards the dark, gloomy sky.
The dog's comments are audible and visible in a cartoon balloon .
a balloon of armagnac
Suddenly a hot-air balloon , with a young child in it, appears to be coming down in the field, followed by others running at full pelt, trying to aid a safe landing.
Zeller created a luxurious European suite in one of the bedrooms with toile wall covering, balloon drapes and a wrought-iron headboard.
he set his sights on crossing the Pacific by balloon