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ballistics / баллистика
имя существительное
имя существительное
the science of projectiles and firearms.
In addition, there were other equally profound developments in areas such as firearms and ballistics , mechanics, shipbuilding, mining, distillation, and anatomy, to name but a few.
Then, as now, many handgun carriers were perfectly happy with mousegun ballistics .
He had a real understanding of fortification, ballistics and shipping, and could discuss mathematics and astronomy on equal terms with experts.
They will run it with the ballistics of bullets used in other crimes, in case you used the gun earlier.
As originally loaded, the new .30 - '03 U.S. cartridge matched the ballistics of the service rounds of other nations.
They achieve these efficient ballistics with moderate recoil, even in rifles that are light and portable enough to be carded comfortably.
‘Is a forensic firearm specialist the same as a ballistics expert? ‘asked the judge.
The embedded ballistics of the FCS ballistic computer gives the gunner range and accuracy.
Internal ballistics modeled the forces inside of a gun barrel while external ballistics modeled the flight of a projectile.
Towards the end of the war, Goldie was transferred to London, where he worked on ballistics at the Woolwich Arsenal.
To equal black powder ballistics and pressures in the .45 Colt requires tiny little charges of most smokeless propellants.