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balletomane / балетоман
имя существительное
имя существительное
a ballet enthusiast.
Talking of twists, balletomanes will smile at the the doting ‘Ballet Mother ‘that appears a few times.
As an avid balletomane , I read Clive Barnes's historical review of the Kirov Ballet's new/old Sleeping Beauty with great interest.
I suspect that the Iron Lady was probably as much of a balletomane as yours truly..
What does a well-bred balletomane do in a strange town over Christmas?
Lest you wonder, I am just a balletomane ; this letter will come as a surprise to NBC, to which I am sending a copy.
The Israel Ballet is celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary this season with a showcase of programs to whet the appetite of many a balletomane .
‘It'll be exciting for the confirmed balletomane , but it is also a popular, spectacular piece of dance that will give a lot of people a lot of pleasure,’ says McMaster.
There is nothing to ruffle the tutus of any local balletomane in this year's Royal New Zealand Ballet's Tutus on Tour programme.
Mania, not just balletomania , reigned, with visits by companies from the Bolshoi to the Royal through the 70's.
The news that The Royal Ballet's artistic director had resigned in September set balletomanes buzzing and journalists digging.
I don't experience such balletomania with other ballet companies, but these unique Kirov dancers have constantly renewed my passion in ballet.