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balky / упрямый, норовистый
имя прилагательное
stubborn, obstinate, opinionated, headstrong, dogged, balky
restive, rogue, skittish, balky, vicious, rusty
имя прилагательное
reluctant; uncooperative.
he was trying to get his balky horse to move
Original consumer models were bulky and balky , user-friendly only if the user was a technogeek.
Other than a balky elevator, the only real link between the two films is choreographer Hermes Pan, who was Fred's right-hand man throughout the Ginger years.
The Koidu base is complaining of congested data-network links, a balky router and malfunctioning wireless-network nodes.
Phillips performed some on-the-spot maintenance of a balky treadmill today.
Deprived of the Internet by a balky cell phone modem, the habit of daily blogging has proven hard to break.
In the grainy surveillance camera footage, the dumpy, mustachioed fellow looks like just one more office peon saddled with a balky computer - until he takes his revenge.
In case the balky internet connection is insufficiently irritating, the hotel is also providing me USA Today on a complimentary basis.
Unless these conditions were complied with, gravity served no better than a balky horse - it would not work at all…
Team scouts think a balky right thumb will force Warner to retire.
On the other hand, if your windows have other problems - balky hardware, flimsy construction, or whatever - window replacement may be the right move.