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balk / брус, балка, бимс
имя существительное
timber, bar, beam, cant, rod, balk
beam, balk, girder, joist, timber, rafter
beam, balk, baulk
abut, balk, hang back, baulk, jib
refuse, deny, give up, waive, reject, balk
interfere, disturb, prevent, stir, interrupt, balk
имя существительное
an illegal motion made by a pitcher that may deceive a base runner.
a roughly squared timber beam.
any area on a pool or billiard table in which play is restricted in some way.
a ridge left unplowed between furrows.
hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking.
any gardener will at first balk at enclosing the garden
(of a pitcher) make an illegal motion, penalized by an advance of the base runners.
the rookie balked and permitted Robinson to score
any gardener will at first balk at enclosing the garden
he raised every objection he could to balk this plan
the utmost of his influence will be invoked to balk the law
a balk of timber
it's got to be done, so why balk it?
Obviously, he was upset he balked the run in, but I think he lost his composure and I'm sure he'd say the same thing.
He had poor control and even balked while trying to warm his hands with a runner on third.
To top it all of, he balked in a run with the bases loaded, capping a three-run rally.