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baleen / китовый ус
имя существительное
китовый ус
whalebone, baleen, bone, whale-fin
имя существительное
The ‘whalebone’ whales have hundreds of baleen plates, up to twelve feet long, hanging down from their upper jaw.
Their baleen consists of 260-400 black, coarse, broad, overlapping plates hanging from each side of the upper jaw.
the baleen plates of a Greenland right whale
In Greenland, Japan and Norway whale meat is sold in supermarkets, in Russia it has been sold to feed fur-bearers, and in Alaska baleen handicrafts from bowheads are sold to tourists.
In its mouth, this whale has unusually few of the baleen plates that such whales use to filter food from the water.
The right and left baleen rows are separated in the front of the mouth.
They are baleen whales; rather than hunt, they filter their prey, krill and small sea organisms, through the sieve-like baleen screen in their mouths.
One species of whales developed baleen , rows of keratin plates similar to hair that filter out food from the sea.
They feed by straining small marine organisms out of the water using plates of baleen , a hornlike substance that forms filaments that hang down from the roof of the mouth.
Its front edge was bordered by a sort of storage box of stone, which contained a small vessel made of sewn baleen and wood.
Mirrored projections face each other, pulsing like an underwater shot of baleen , white tissue-like net moving in and out.