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balderdash / галиматья, вздор, белиберда
имя существительное
rigmarole, balderdash, galimatias
nonsense, blah, rubbish, baloney, humbug, balderdash
rubbish, nonsense, balderdash
имя существительное
senseless talk or writing; nonsense.
she dismissed talk of plots as “bunkum and balderdash.”
He claims that Burkean conservatives believe in a natural, immutable order of things - which is balderdash .
His remarks are utter balderdash from start to finish and illustrate the truly lamentable decline of science into ideological propaganda.
This is so much balderdash that you wonder how it can be repeated with a straight face.
‘What I have heard tonight is a bunch of balderdash ,’ she said of council's concerns.
There's a diplomatic word for that: balderdash .
Zero-sum budgets bring out the worst mix of balderdash and partisanship among politicians.
Most of it is balderdash , and has very little, if anything, to do with the appalling rate of fatalities on our roads.
But this is balderdash disguised as genuine debate.
Eventually, he discovered a home for his talents in the world of frontier journalism, where balderdash in the cause of boosterism was rarely considered a vice.
I don't know what trick question those 30 percent of respondents were asked, but the answer they are said to have given is balderdash .