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baldachin / балдахин
имя существительное
canopy, baldachin, valance, tester, baldaquin
имя существительное
a ceremonial canopy of stone, metal, or fabric over an altar, throne, or doorway.
Icon screens came down and baroque marble altars with baldacchinos went up.
The centerpiece depicts the empress enthroned under a baldachin and surrounded by figures of Hercules, Minerva, Mars, and other gods celebrating her military achievements.
A sofa with a baldachin is forced onto its stilted knees.
On the surrounding walls are photocopied renderings of ornate twisted columns that evoke Bernini's monumental baldachin in St. Peter's - which is surmounted by a golden orb.
The whole forms a remarkable three-dimensional baldachin for the chapel, as sculptural as it is architectural.
This gilded silver casket was made in the form of a Gothic church that echoes the design of both the Ste-Chapelle and the baldachin that sheltered the grand chasse.
The central baldachin in Gossaert's Malvagna triptych contains a number of individual tracery figures that are essential to its design.
In this image, the bishop carries a monstrance under the shelter of a portable baldachin decorated with the images of various saints and martyrs.
At the conclusion of Mass, we returned to the nave and sang Lorenzo Perosi's fanfaric setting of the ‘Tu es Petrus’ text in front of Bernini's bronze baldacchino .
The motif was developed for the side ‘walls’ of the baldacchino in Burges and Henry Clutton's winning entry for the Lille Cathedral competition in 1856.
Also among the rich assortment of intriguing pieces that fill each page are panels dating from c.1600, decorated with saints standing beneath baldacchinos .