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baize / байка, грубое сукно
имя существительное
грубое сукно
baize, numdah
имя существительное
a coarse, feltlike, woolen material that is typically green, used for covering billiard and card tables and for aprons.
The man moved off and Adam stepped through a further doorway and followed him through a maze of green baize covered card tables.
In the end, the 69th National billiards championship held at the Hari Niwas Palace in Jammu will be remembered more for the boardroom tables than the green baize tables.
‘I was Merlin the Magician of the green baize ,’ he added, referring to his years on top of the snooker world.
A nice touch is the addition of particle dust effects and chalk marks appearing occasionally on the otherwise immaculate green baize .
Both players are no strangers to York, having played league and exhibition matches in the city several times over the years, but this is the first time the two green baize giants have come face to face in York.
The graphics are OK - I mean how hard is it to draw green baize ? - while the players slightly resemble their real-life incarnations.
a baize apron
But Manchester snooker fans have one last chance to see the ‘Rocket’ in action before his self-imposed exile from the green baize .
With hands and eyes free, you can soak up the delights of the Balinese countryside: the green baize of the paddy fields, the split gate temples, the daily processions.
The leisure centre has put in an application to City of York Council for a ‘track betting licence’ - allowing it to pitch betting stands allowing punters to put some cash on the action on the green baize .
Each table is separated from its neighbour by a partition, creating four small, brightly-lit theatres in the larger gloom, theatres in which players duel to the death across the green baize .