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bait / приманка, наживка, искушение
имя существительное
bait, lure, attraction, decoy, enticement, draw
bait, lure, gentle, ledger-bait
temptation, trial, bait
lure, bait, decoy, gudgeon
feed, nourish, nurse, bait
получать корм
имя существительное
food used to entice fish or other animals as prey.
herrings make excellent bait for pike
deliberately annoy or taunt (someone).
the other boys reveled in baiting him about his love of literature
prepare (a hook, trap, net, or fishing area) with bait to entice fish or animals as prey.
she baited a trap with carrots and corn
They learn how to fish, including how to bait the hook, tie knots and rig tackle, even back up a trailer and dock a boat.
If MCM inspectors catch anyone fishing or collecting bait or shellfish in these areas they will issue fines.
Asked how good a player Carter might become, he refuses to take the bait , and issues a warning instead.
herrings make excellent bait for pike
In the Middle Ages they were used to chase wild boar, to bait bulls and were also used as bodyguards.
One fish took my entire bait off the hook with no problem.
Most are small, less than three or four feet, but occasionally a pier or jetty angler soaking a big bait hooks a fish with real shoulders.
many potential buyers are reluctant to take the bait
So far most Shiites have declined to take the bait .
I gritted my teeth and decided not to take the bait .