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bailiwick / сфера компетенции, округ, юрисдикция бейлифа
имя существительное
сфера компетенции
district, county, region, parish, circuit, bailiwick
юрисдикция бейлифа
имя существительное
one's sphere of operations or particular area of interest.
you never give the presentations—that's my bailiwick
the district or jurisdiction of a bailie or bailiff.
Will decentralization really bring politics closer to the people, or will we be returning to a bunch of little bailiwicks ?
And it has done so even in areas where the crime at issue seems to be a crime that falls squarely into the state's bailiwick - and does not affect federal interests at all.
They are still causing mayhem in their southern bailiwick .
the warden had the right to arrest all poachers found within his bailiwick
Thus, it doesn't really monkey with the states' authority after all; it only makes sure they stay in their traditional bailiwick .
after the war, the Middle East remained his bailiwick
Here her analysis is most surefooted as she discusses late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century fiction, Benedict's professional bailiwick .
you never give the presentations—that's my bailiwick
Education is going to be your bailiwick for us, and then we're going to ask about that and a lot of other things.
And she's looking at a couple of other projects, but that's kind of out of my bailiwick , if you will.
With very few exceptions, they easily agreed that what was going on in their bailiwicks was incomparable and required a different approach.