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bailiff / судебный пристав, бейлиф, судебный исполнитель
имя существительное
судебный пристав
bailiff, usher, apparitor, officer of the court, catchpoll, bumbailiff
судебный исполнитель
bailiff, marshal, lawman, executor, officer of the court, fiscal
имя существительное
a person who performs certain actions under legal authority, in particular.
First, the lord and bailiff found it in their interest to receive from him willing rather than unwilling work and to give him no motive to run away.
Judge Doherty was uncertain about the standard of proof in a criminal case, so in a time-honored tradition of judicial review, he consulted his bailiff .
The hundred bailiff served the sheriff's writs and the constable maintained law and order.
In the meantime, there is a room in the bailiff 's office where you are required to wait pending his arrival.
Costyn was four times bailiff and four times M.P. between 1326 and 1332.
When the manager and a bailiff checked the person out they found 14 fish hidden in the boat.
The bailiff carried the slip of paper to the clerk.
Young people usually serve as jurors and may also fill the roles of prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, judge, bailiff , or other officers of the court.
I find that the applicant, far from participating or conspiring in what Mr. Schaer regards as an unlawful seizure, simply accepted the sailboat from the bailiff for storage.
It may be better to contact the bailiff 's head office and agree regular monthly payments with them, which you can realistically afford.
A bailiff leads K through a labyrinthine police precinct populated with people in similar situations.