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bailey / двор замка
имя существительное
двор замка
имя существительное
the outer wall of a castle.
They passed by the blacksmith and toward the curtain wall of the outer bailey .
From the thinning mist, Sibyl watched as the serfs outside the outer bailey plowed the acres of harvest-ready grain and whatnot.
This was just past the junction of the inner bailey wall with the eastern wall of the outer bailey wall.
Founded by William the Conqueror, the fine motte and bailey castle was popular with medieval monarchs, some of whom used it as a royal hunting lodge.
Similarly, the White Tower, at that time outside London, was wrapped with a stone bailey wall in 1270-1300 and then by a second one immediately afterward.
This layout suggest the presence on the site of a formerly old castle of the motte-and bailey type, the curtains of the upper ward forms a sloping stone revetment of the motte.
Its stern-faced buildings barricade their central courtyard like the bailey walls of a Norman castle: no accident, as the great paternalist lived in fear of the mob marching on his works.
Begun by Arnulf de Montgomery, a son of Roger de Montgomery, earl of Shrewsbury, it has an inner and outer bailey .
Robert threw himself energetically into building a complex polygonal motte and bailey fortress out of wood there.
St John's Church was built within the outer bailey of the medieval castle by Bishop Roger of Salisbury, Chancellor to King Henry I.
Today one tower (4 towers were mentioned in 1331) and parts of the castle bailey wall remain.