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bail / залог, порука, поручительство
имя существительное
pledge, deposit, guarantee, bail, security, lien
bail, guarantee, surety, security
guarantee, surety, bail, security, pledge, voucher
брать на поруки
bail, bail out
вычерпывать воду
bail, bale, bail water out
имя существительное
the temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial, sometimes on condition that a sum of money be lodged to guarantee their appearance in court.
he has been released on bail
a bar that holds something in place, in particular.
We went back out to the middle, took a light reading and removed the bails .
an arched handle, such as on a bucket or a teapot.
drawers fitted with brass bail handles
either of the two crosspieces bridging the stumps, which the bowler and fielders try to dislodge with the ball to get the batsman out.
The globe is presented in the form of a stylised cricket ball while the columns, styled as stumps and bails , represent the three essential pillars of the game - batting, bowling and fielding.
release or secure the release of (a prisoner) on payment of bail.
his son called home to get bailed out of jail
scoop water out of (a ship or boat).
the first priority is to bail out the boat with buckets
abandon a commitment, obligation, or responsibility.
after 12 years of this, including Sunday Mass with the family, I bailed
I was going to fish with an open bail arm so there was no need for bait runners.
The line is wound onto the spool by a rotating bail arm driven by a handle and gears.
Johannes allegedly has a history of petty crime and was out on bail awaiting court proceedings against him.
This is a vintage clear glass canning fruit jar with the wire bail handle and glass lid.
Howley was charged with the first of these alleged offences on Friday - two days after he was released on bail from Kirkwall Sheriff Court for a catalogue of admitted crimes.
He has pleaded not guilty and is free on almost €3 million bail .
When in the second position, the flap bail holds a non-first end portion of the flap against the first inner surface of the chute.
The group has been arraigned, with bail for one member set at $10 million.
The appellants were released on bail having spent approximately 7 months in custody.
More expensive was the set of Adam-style rosettes and bail -handle pulls shown as No. 1508 in the pattern book owned by Samuel Rowland Fisher.