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bahrain / Бахрейн
имя существительное
Bahrain, Bahrein
имя существительное
a country in western Asia that consists of a group of islands in the Persian Gulf; population 728,700 (est. 2009); capital, Manama; official language, Arabic.
Another coded telegram stresses Henderson's suitability for the job, adding that the Bahrainis should be urged to give him ‘a free hand to concentrate on rebuilding the special branch’.
I think what they believed is that their Arab allies, like the Saudis and Kuwaitis and the Bahrainis and the Qataris would have abandoned them if they'd continued the journey as far as Baghdad.
And when our military officers talk to their military officers, we always hear this idea that maybe from the Bahrainis , from the Saudis, from the Kuwaitis, maybe democracy is not so good an idea.
A gallon costs nearly £4, but the Treasury takes 70 per cent - around £2.80-in VAT and excise tax, which is a lot more than the Saudis or the Libyans or the Iranians or Bahrainis get.
But from talking to people in the embassy and coastguard team, the Bahrainis in fact have a very comprehensive licensing system for leisure boats.
the capital of Bahrain