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bah / Ба!
Bah!, Ha!, Hah!, Heigh!
an expression of contempt or disagreement.
You think it was an accident? Bah!
Or are we happy to stay at home, lock the doors and wait for it all to pass - bah , humbug!
So, of course, every weekend since, I've been bombarded with alerts from friends telling me of their complex plans for the night and I've had to reply: still at work, not sure when we'll finish, bah .
I recovered well and managed to land in a kind of lop-sided on-one-bended-knee stance, but it's still a wipeout in my book. bah .
As for the hackneyed old argument that this is about oil, bah !
Necro-heckling - while its recent prominence is noteworthy - may be explained away by reference to political bitterness, sanctimonious grandstanding, ill-disguised prejudice or just plain old bah humbug Scroogery.
There were poets who lurched words across the page ornate words that had women bound, bah! bah ! said Ezra Pound, ‘I have sung women in three cities, But it is all the same; and I will sung of the sun’.
Ate food… the least I have ever eaten at family get-to-gethers… bah … and still was told off by parents.
This is by no means in the danger zone, but performance freaks may say bah !
We're offered more soggy sandwiches (no ‘delay’ alcohol, bah !) but no boarding announcement.
Saturday morning came, and we were all up early, and so decided to pop home to Sarah's to wash (my, aren't we spoilt), but the traffic getting back was horrendous, so we missed the Von Bondies and Mercury Rev. bah .