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baguette / багет, багетка, астрагал
имя существительное
baguette, fillet, molding, moulding
astragalus, astragal, locoweed, loco, baguette
имя существительное
a long, narrow loaf of French bread.
All-butter croissants, crusty French baguettes , Mediterranean ciabatta rolls, Danish pastries and choccacino rolls are all baked by their own unique computer programmes in the new ovens.
a gem, especially a diamond, cut in a long rectangular shape.
a baguette diamond
a small molding, semicircular in section.
TERRART® Baguette are ceramic pipes with square, circular or oblong cross-sections, which can also be made as curved elements or as double baguettes on request.
a slim, rectangular handbag.
This year the bowling bag replaced the Fendi baguette as the handbag of the season: but my version is from M & S, and cost just £3 in a sale.
This classic timepiece is adorned with 32 baguette diamonds on the case and 232 on the bracelet - all Top Wesselton stones and all hand set.
This slender, elegant baguette -style watch from Movado's Esperanza series features a classic Museum dial and a beautiful two-tone open-link bracelet.
The faint sourness of a pumpernickel baguette combined with slightly shredded slow-cooked salmon, watercress, and wasabi aioli is a delicious contrast of flavors.
Hence, the famous baguette style handbag was born.
Rich leather details set apart a baguette style, while pretty pom-poms accent a beautifully shaped pocketbook.
This impressive ladies' ring features a combination of alternating princess cut (square cut) and baguette cut (rectangular cut) genuine white diamonds.
She raced through the doors straight for the Gucci handbags where a rose suede baguette bag at £335 winked at her.
But the picture could only get rosier with the addition of another French inspiration, the baguette .
This sounds as if it hails from New Zealand or South Africa, but it's as French as a baguette .
One of the pendants is a triangular arrangement of colours, using a baguette cut peridot, amethyst and a garnet set in white gold.