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bagman / странствующий торговец
имя существительное
странствующий торговец
bagman, peripatetic, chapman
имя существительное
an agent who collects or distributes the proceeds of illicit activities.
one million dollars cash paid to the general's bagman
a political fundraiser.
a Tory bagman
a traveling salesman.
It encourages the "tick" trader and the travelling bagman to persuade people to buy in the belief that they will not have to pay all at once, that they can pay in instalments.
He was attracted to the idea of the travelling salesman or " bagman " as a commonplace figure of the poetic wanderer, the flaneur, the 18th century bachelor.
But still, the man could sing like nobody else, even if he did have a tasty little part-time job as a Mafia bagman .
Geoffrey Lewis plays an aging bagman buddy of Sarno who gets involved in the kidnapping affair.
Victory flows from the pouch of a bagman as much as the barrel of a gun.
He was aided and abetted by a one-time car salesman whose verbal skills and shady book-keeping saw him become a kingmaker and bagman .
They are now learning that the bagman was allegedly operating a one-for-you, two-for-me scheme.
Finally, enough people realized what was going on and grabbed the fancy-dancers - but the bagman got away.
The gang stole purses or pulled jewellery from women on buses or in cars, he became an expert pickpocket, lookout and bagman for the gang.
Picked as the ransom bagman , Callahan is run ragged by Scorpio, but eventually the pair meet in the dead of night in a lonely park (with Chico lurking in the background).
Four innocent bystanders were injured by ricocheting bullets when a bagman for a Pattaya loan shark opened fire on his mobile phone.