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bagging / мешковина, мешочная ткань, мешкование
имя существительное
sackcloth, sacking, bagging
мешочная ткань
bagging, Hessian
закладка варочной камеры
имя существительное
material out of which bags are made.
And in spreading bagging and sawdust on the courthouse floor, they defined that territory as strictly gendered.
put (something) in a bag.
customers bagged their own groceries
(of a hunter) succeed in killing or catching an animal.
in 1979, handgun hunters bagged 677 deer
(of clothes, especially pants) hang loosely or lose shape.
these trousers never bag at the knee
quit; give up on.
it was a drag to be in the ninth grade at 17, so he bagged it
fit (a patient) with an oxygen mask or other respiratory aid.
They also maintained airway management and continued to bag him.
Upon removal from the autoclave, the jig fixture is disassembled and the completed cured component is removed from the various bagging materials.
I'v now replaced the floss with shims that I made from thick plastic bagging , a drop of superlube, and then the oring on top of that.
Nylon bagging material is expensive, and a nylon bag can only be used once in an autoclave.
For example, for many years burlap bagging , which had been discarded after use, was available as a major component of the raw material.
Scores of factories made twine, rope, oakum to caulk sailing ships and cotton bagging .
The bale was wrapped with jute or burlap bagging , tied with iron straps, and secured with metal buckles.
In Newport, Kentucky, across the Ohio from Cincinnati, Sherman formed a company, the first to make cotton bagging by machinery.
The baits were very attractive when applied on double thick- ness burlap bagging or when "dribbled" in a narrow band on a hard surface.
The top parts of its long stalks were used to produce superior burlap bagging for potatoes, corn, bran, fertilizer, and other farm products.
The Commission after notice and hearing had ordered Gratz to desist from refusing to sell ties for cotton bales unless the purchaser bought bagging .