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baggage / багаж, обоз, озорница
имя существительное
baggage, luggage, things, goods, trap
baggage, train, wagon train
baggage, mischievous child, saucy slut
chick, gal, baggage, nance, nancy
имя прилагательное
luggage, baggage, goods
имя существительное
personal belongings packed in suitcases for traveling; luggage.
A sheet left inside suitcase luggage or travel baggage can prevent musty odors.
past experiences or long-held ideas regarded as burdens and impediments.
the emotional baggage I'm hauling around
A brigade of infantry marching in column of fours, without its baggage , would take about 15 minutes to cross a bridge (moving at 2+mph).
During his music years, Gamble did some serious thinking and came to realize that the drive for civil rights brought negative baggage along with it.
Unbeknown to him, a poison challis was slipped into his personal baggage .
The retreating army and its baggage carried the plague home with them in autumn 1349.
A policy should normally cover your belongings and baggage , but again look carefully at exclusions, excesses and ceilings on each claim.
The new regulation closes a major loophole by extending customs law to include personal baggage , typically used in the small-scale traffic of counterfeit items.
However, the promise of non-lethal technologies comes with considerable baggage .
At the first moment of sunrise the passage began, the troops marching across one bridge, the baggage and attendants crossing the other.
It just seems some people I guess are often scared off by the baggage, the cultural baggage that goes along with it.
The baggage of his personal eccentricity weighs quite heavily on the film in which the villain is not some colourful underworld figure but the very father who gave you birth.