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bagatelle / вещица, финтифлюшка, багатель
имя существительное
thing, bagatelle, gismo, knick-knack
bagatelle, trifles, flibbertigibbet
имя существительное
a thing of little importance; a very easy task.
dealing with these boats was a mere bagatelle for the world's oldest yacht club
a game in which small balls are hit and then allowed to roll down a sloping board on which there are holes, each numbered with the score achieved if a ball goes into it, with pins acting as obstructions.
He's flipped that in the mixer, there's a crowd scene in there and it's bagatelle football with the ball pinging around.
a short, light piece of music, especially one for the piano.
Sixteen preparatory pieces, such as preludes, etudes, bagatelles , barcarolles, nocturnes and polonaises, present, reinforce and prepare students for what is coming next.
The original game of bagatelle was and is a pub game of skill that is closely related to the games of Billiards, Pool and Snooker.
We get buffeted through life like a ball-bearing in a bagatelle , bouncing off chance encounters, opportunities, unforeseen obstacles.
A game of bagatelle then ensued as first Murray and then Barry Ferguson had efforts blocked.
I'm pretty shy and not that aggressive, so this is kind of a big deal to me, even if others might see it as a mere bagatelle .
A mere bagatelle , one would have thought, to such a material girl.
Such a sacrifice is a mere bagatelle to the committed journalist.
William finally holed out for twelve after playing bagatelle with a few trees, a rabbit hole and a water hazard that no-one had noticed before.
By then, too, those dreary individuals who've droned on ad nauseam over the cost - a bagatelle in the great scheme of things - will no doubt be begging for invitations to the opening.
Today's bagatelle is a familiar tune played by The Torero Band featuring the arrangements of Moorhouse.
Playing 49 people in the course of one performance is, of course, a mere bagatelle for this man.