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bag / мешок, сумка, чемодан
имя существительное
bag, sack, sac, pocket, purse, bagful
bag, pouch, handbag, purse, case, satchel
suitcase, case, trunk, bag, valise, portmanteau
имя прилагательное
collect, gather, pick, assemble, congregate, bag
inflate, swell, distend, pout, blow up, bag
имя существительное
a container made of flexible material with an opening at the top, used for carrying things.
brown paper bags
the amount of game shot by a hunter.
Looking at photos of other teal hunters' bags , most seem to hold a high percentage of adult male bluewings.
a loose fold of skin under a person's eye.
the bags under his eyes gave him a sad appearance
a woman, especially an older one, perceived as unpleasant, bad-tempered, or unattractive.
an interfering old bag
one's particular interest or taste.
if religion and politics are your bag, you'll find something to interest you here
put (something) in a bag.
customers bagged their own groceries
(of a hunter) succeed in killing or catching an animal.
in 1979, handgun hunters bagged 677 deer
(of clothes, especially pants) hang loosely or lose shape.
these trousers never bag at the knee
quit; give up on.
it was a drag to be in the ninth grade at 17, so he bagged it
fit (a patient) with an oxygen mask or other respiratory aid.
They also maintained airway management and continued to bag him.
these trousers never bag at the knee
Ostensibly, a Chinwag meeting about PR Online is simply not my bag , but an interface appears to be forming (think Star Trek) between PR and Blogging.
a bag of chips
But it didn't take Scully long to figure out that coaching football was not his bag .
The routes are remote and just arduous enough to appreciate the stops when Pedro the muleteer will pull down a freezer bag of home-made lemonade and a bottle of fino.
I thought my words were going to change the world but that's all gone now and I'm just a jaded old bag .
Standing up quickly, Carrie went to her closet and took out her luggage bag .
The goal with professional hunter Gordon Duncan of Shangaan Hunters in Zimbabwe was to bag a Cape buffalo.
By the TV, a full bag of recyclables had fallen over, spilling its contents onto the otherwise clean floor.
these trousers never bag at the knee