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badminton / бадминтон, крюшон из красного вина
имя существительное
badminton, shuttlecock
крюшон из красного вина
badminton, claret-cup
имя существительное
a game with rackets in which a shuttlecock is played back and forth across a net.
Norrie is a keen sportswoman who played badminton , soccer, camogie and tennis.
There was a time when ball badminton was a popular sport in Southern India.
In his spare time he enjoys playing two of the country's most popular sports, soccer and badminton .
The club also provides outdoor and indoor games such as tennis, badminton and table tennis.
Football and rugby union were included, as were athletics, badminton , curling, hockey and swimming.
We met almost each evening and went for a game of badminton or just a swim had a drink in the club and he would walk me home.
There, the teenager continued to excel at rugby, cricket, tennis, badminton and golf.
I like a bit of golf, but apart from playing badminton over the washing line I don't do much sport in the summer.
Enlightenment came to me during a game of badminton at Kendal Leisure Centre.
He is great at almost every sport, right from table tennis and badminton to even cerebral games like chess.
An Olympic gold would have done wonders for badminton 's profile in Britain but silver is still a major shot in the arm.