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badly / плохо, сильно, очень
poorly, badly, ill, amiss, illy, commonly
strong, strongly, highly, heavily, heavy, badly
very, very much, extremely, so, highly, badly
имя прилагательное
sick, ill, sore, diseased, ailing, badly
in an unsatisfactory, inadequate, or unsuccessful way.
a badly managed company
to a great or serious degree; severely.
the building was badly damaged by fire
имя прилагательное
guilty or regretful.
I felt badly about my unfriendliness of the previous evening
Two pet dogs were killed and an historic building badly damaged in a fire at Castle Combe on the night of Wednesday 26 February.
If there is a case when someone is treated badly at work, then they can either gain satisfaction through their company's disciplinary policy, or they go to an Industrial Tribunal.
Well, first of all, let me say that the actions of a few have reflected very, very badly on many of us, myself included.
Everyone responds badly to negative criticism, nagging and complaining.
One residential building was badly damaged; seven cars were destroyed.
He was a very prickly person and took criticism badly , it took all Halley's skills in diplomacy to nurse the Principia to publication.
But Brad was besotted, and no matter how badly he was treated, kept coming back for more - until, eventually, something snapped.
The system was so badly managed that an ongoing feud between the superintendent of schools and the elected school board resulted in the threat of a state takeover.
While we were eating, one of the children - a boy aged about seven - behaved rather badly , and this brought a stern rebuke from his father.
While being kind to animals sometimes springs from having a gentle heart, it can also stem from a fear of being punished if animals are treated badly .