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badinage / подшучивание, добродушная насмешка, шутливая беседа
имя существительное
persiflage, badinage, ribbing, trifling, chaff, raillery
добродушная насмешка
raillery, badinage, chaff
шутливая беседа
badinage, trifling
имя существительное
humorous or witty conversation.
cultured badinage about art and life
The members of this group exercise considerable humor and badinage in dealing with each other, but they also pay close attention to maintaining standards.
Between the two of them, they keep up a relentless barrage of badinage .
cultured badinage about art and life
There is no cheery speech, no overlapping dialogue, no badinage , no heartiness - real or false - almost no voice raised in anger or twisted in sarcasm.
On April 20 whilst waiting in the town hall with dignitaries and other councillors prior to the induction some banter and badinage took place.
He will engage in badinage , should you appear receptive.
And there's only so much waspish, scintillating badinage with Stereophonics one can take.
Indeed the crime and its circumstances are relegated much of the time in favour of sequences of badinage within chambers, past and present.
You can even send us single sentences on ideas to save the NHS: Phil will then weave them into his badinage .
Trollope, especially at school, must have put up with much badinage .