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baddy / baddy
For a start, he can play the part of a tech villain from central casting: a vaudeville baddy so malevolent that the audience starts hissing as soon as he comes on stage.
You want to take them to a show where they can shout and scream and hiss and boo the baddy .
Bobby is known for his role as the baddy in the panto but this year he has had to take a lesser role, due to his commitment as the show's director.
So, as a signal at the simplest (one might even say basest) level to the viewer, the good guy wears a white hat, and the baddy wears a black hat.
Isn't it strange that the word ‘Angel’ is used for the baddy ?
With several hundred children it was quite a lively show, especially when the baddie crept up on the goodie in the film.
The baddies in power won, and the baddies out of power lost.
The antagonists are great caricatures of standard baddies ; too bad we're supposed to take them seriously.
I don't play a lot of baddies , although I was an assassin in Hamish McBeth and a sort of baddie in EastEnders.
Isaacs, best known for his turn as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, again proves adept as the baddie - his Hook is much more than a mere pantomime villain.