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badass / задира
имя существительное
a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person.
one of them is a real badass, the other's pretty friendly
имя прилагательное
tough, uncompromising, or intimidating.
a badass demeanor
She tries to be tough and wild and badass while reviving the grunge rock of the early 1990s with an angsty feminine twist.
Although you often wish you could scorch the pavement with your loud, black beast of a motorcycle, skidding to a stop in your badass leather and a cool so cold it chaps lips, you can only occasionally be that amazing.
The ease of the exchange increased my hopes of maybe getting my hands on some kind of badass weaponry later on, but I should have known I'd be let down.
Yet we're soon shown through a series of flashbacks that Veronica was not always an unapologetic badass .
Conner's badass attitude and cool and collected personality was what was on her mind.
The three tracks featured here taint an otherwise spotless collection of candyfloss pop (with a veneer of badass rock'n'roll attitude).
I woke up this morning with a badass headache, my ears hurt, and my nose was stopped up.
He's just a real badass , wedded to the mission without really caring what it is.
Far from being a token badass , he carries a world of personal pain and torment inside himself that he pours out in one continuous seven-minute monologue (without cuts) that is stunning.
Ensure your child has street cred early on with badass T-shirts and jumpers for the toddler with attitude.