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bad-tempered / злой, раздражительный, в плохом настроении
имя прилагательное
evil, wicked, ill, vicious, unkind, bad-tempered
irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy, bad-tempered
в плохом настроении
disgruntled, useless, ill-disposed, bad-tempered
имя прилагательное
easily annoyed or made angry.
in a heat wave, many people become increasingly bad-tempered
Trouble was avoided but a player was struck by a coin in a bad-tempered match which boasted the biggest security operation since Euro '96.
The team was barred from the Eastern Junior Alliance league when their match with Canvey Island side Concord Rangers ended in chaos, after what police described as a bad-tempered match.
You are a bad-tempered , petulant and irritable man lacking in your professional duties to your patients.
But then I read that ‘a plane was forced back to earth after a bad-tempered cat attacked the pilot.’
In a foul-mouthed and bad-tempered affair, the authority was meeting for the first time since the local election two weeks ago that wrested control away from the Labour group for only the second time in 68 years.
Whenever Billy comes visiting, she becomes bad-tempered and angry, leaving Sarah bewildered and Annie even more upset.
‘Well,’ she replied, ‘we don't really have people who are as bad-tempered as you.'
The Japanese say you should cook food in a state of Zen-like equilibrium, giving any bad-tempered chefs the day off because the mood will communicate to the dish being prepared.
As you approached a bazaar you would come across a traffic jam made up of bumbling herds of fat-tailed sheep, strings of bad-tempered camels and heavily-laden tractors bringing in farm-folk with their crops.
Whatever the opposite of rose-coloured glasses may be, this book is it: whatever occurs, whether for good or bad, is marked by a bad-tempered refusal to accept anything other than the darkest interpretation of events.