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backyard / задний двор, задворки
имя существительное
задний двор
имя существительное
a yard behind a house or other building, typically surrounded by a fence.
a tree-shaded succession of backyards
the area close to where one lives, or the territory close to a particular country, regarded with proprietorial concern.
anything was preferable to a nuclear dump in their own backyard
a casual backyard party
You are looking for new people, so let's start with right in your own backyard .
We have so many issues here in our own backyard that we need to pay attention to that this is where the Peace movement is going.
After about five hours we had cleaned everything, from the kitchen to my room and from the backyard to the front yard.
Whereas for India, this is happening essentially in our own backyard .
A half-glass door, also white, allows access along the side of the house to the backyard .
The opportunity to see an artist who puts on a good show in your own backyard or at a small venue is priceless.
As such it's in our own backyard and close enough, for those who can afford it, to drive to.
Glancing across the yard, he saw a willow tree in the backyard of the next house, and sitting in it was a girl.
As a result it is our responsibility to ensure these spaces in our own backyard remain clean and free of rubbish for the community to enjoy.