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backwoods / глушь, лесная глушь, лесные пограничные районы
имя существительное
backwoods, back country, remote place, boondocks, backwater, boonies
лесная глушь
лесные пограничные районы
имя прилагательное
uncouth, rustic, unhewn, rough, loutish, backwoods
provincial, suburban, hick, backwoods, freshwater, Doric
имя существительное
remote uncleared forest land.
backwoods homesteads
Academic departments like the one referenced in this post are the intellectual equivalent of a very small community in a hillbilly backwoods holler - in desperate need of an infusion of fresh genetic material.
Pundits have long pondered the contradictions inherent in a vice-prez whose life contains both an out-and-proud lesbian daughter, and a backwoods redneck doofus boss.
But the beard did itch and make me look older and also make me look like a backwoods hick.
For a century mining corporations reaped sweet profits amid backwoods burgs that are struggling to stay alive today.
She is hopelessly naive about the vulgarity of American life outside her tiny, backwoods hamlet of Sparta, North Carolina.
This region is not the backwoods our party leadership seems to think it is.
At a recent London show, armed with no more than a backwoods beard, an acoustic guitar and an amazing voice, he silenced a room full of gabby, gossipy music-biz types, which is no mean feat.
Whatever happens, he will have discovered one thing above all else: that the wonderful thing about America is that in truth any backwoods child can grow up to be President.
You'll copter in to one of five beautiful backwoods lodges for guided heli-hiking to turquoise lakes ringed by wildflowers.
It's not the witty, clever-yet-deep film you might expect, coming across instead as a lightly funny, lazy exercise in mining the obvious humor value of thrusting a big city film crew into a Northeastern backwoods hamlet.