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backup / резервный, дублирующий
имя прилагательное
spare, backup, reserve, standby, reserved
backup, reserved
имя существительное
резервная копия
reservation, backup
overlapping, doubling, backup
имя существительное
help or support.
no police backup could be expected
the procedure for making extra copies of data in case the original is lost or damaged.
automatic online backup
an overflow caused by a stoppage, as in water or automobile traffic.
there are long backups on all routes
Instead, like a Mafia boss, he provided protection, backup , and a reputation for brutality in return for a cut of the take.
Several minutes later a call for backup came over the police radio.
Retrieving the backup from the district mainframe required calling the school IT person in from home who was less than thrilled.
When astronauts leave Earth, many plans, procedures, and backup systems are in place for their comfort and survival.
A similar volume is likely to be sold for use as backup storage for notebook and desktop computers.
Junior nurses have no backup or support and become disillusioned and leave.
This friend had just recently reminded him that the backup existed.
Despite this redundancy, there are also backup generators.
no police backup could be expected
Police immediately called for backup feeling that the scene was becoming too unsettled.