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backstroke / плавание на спине, ответный удар
имя существительное
плавание на спине
ответный удар
riposte, backlash, backstroke, counterthrust
имя существительное
a swimming stroke performed on the back with the arms lifted alternately out of the water in a backward circular motion and the legs extended and kicking.
I concentrated on the backstroke most of the time
he was fifth in the 200-meter backstroke
I concentrated on the backstroke most of the time
Last year I had the luxury of swimming a few strokes backstroke so I could get a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge.
He will now line up in the 200 backstroke on Day two before taking on the 100m on Saturday and Sunday.
he's getting ready to swim the channel backstroke
The 1996 Olympic champion in the 100 backstroke held the world record in the event from 1991-99.
Swimming backstroke gives them a chance to work the kinks out of their tired freestyle muscles with some active rest swimming.
He was first in the 100m freestyle, second in the 100m backstroke and individual medley and third in the 100m breaststroke and butterfly.
However 15 meters is difficult for most swimmers to sustain in a 200 backstroke .
Another shows how the grebes' lobed feet travel in a nearly circular pattern when they dive underwater, with the toes folded and rotated to decrease water resistance on the backstroke .