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backstop / поддерживать, оказывать содействие, служить опорой
support, maintain, endorse, sustain, encourage, backstop
оказывать содействие
backstop, minister
служить опорой
buttress, afford a basis, backstop, buttress up
имя существительное
screen, backstop, cover
stronghold, bastion, bulwark, mainstay, pillar, backstop
wall, side, paries, backstop, quay
имя существительное
a person or thing placed at the rear of or behind something as a barrier, support, or reinforcement.
bullets volleyed into the backstop of a flood-control canal
act as backstop for.
And oh, by the way, he has backstopped the Rangers to their first playoff appearance after a seven-season sabbatical.
We'd stand at home plate facing the backstop , and he'd give us five pitches per turn.
It sports a permanent, easy-to-see bullseye emblazoned on its durable nylon casing, and has a handy loop for hanging in front of a safe backstop .
What matters is that it's understandable and can act as a backstop for a whole raft of specific tax cutting measures favored by conservatives.
The risk is low because of the clear understanding that, for the sake of the Treasury as well as the entire financial system, the Federal Reserve must and will backstop the market in time of turmoil.
To make sure there is enough in the coffers to pay for a worst-case scenario, the state was forced to create its own catastrophe fund, to backstop insurance companies.
I was backstop at rounders and had to retrieve the ball from a nearby horses' field.
To compare the effect of the sea-level curve on the tectonic subsidence estimates, we have used three curves to backstop the Zangla and Yulchung sections.
bullets volleyed into the backstop of a flood-control canal
If the market value of GSE debt were to fall sharply because of ambiguity about the financial soundness of GSE's and about the willingness of the federal government to backstop the debt, what would happen?
he tore the chest protector completely off the big Yankee backstop