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backstage / за кулисами, за кулисы
за кулисами
backstage, offstage
за кулисы
имя прилагательное
backstage, backroom, underhanded, backdoor, underhand, offstage
происходящий за кулисами
имя существительное
пространство за сценой
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or situated in the area behind the stage in a theater.
a backstage tour of the opera house
in or to the backstage area in a theater.
I went backstage after the show
имя существительное
the area in a theater out of view of the audience, especially in the wings or dressing rooms.
backstage was the scene of pleasant pandemonium
Operationally, the obvious place to build the extension would have been at the north end of the site, where the existing stage and backstage areas are located.
For them, a screen would divide the visible stage from an invisible backstage where scenes would be changed.
There's a reason why some theaters have a green-painted lounge backstage .
I first saw Philip from the wings backstage , he was directing a rehearsal, making some point with the actors.
As we are led backstage , we see dressing rooms that might be private cabins.
But beyond the public turmoil lies a private, backstage world of unrequited love, secret affairs and insecurity.
The Theatre Royal will be offering tea and backstage tours during the week - and concessions for International Older People's Day, on October 1.
As in any museum or theater experience, there is a public arena and a backstage .
He told the jury that once the £1m cheque had been handed to the soldier, he and his wife were taken backstage to their dressing room.
I should be on the front lines, not making deals backstage .