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backslide / отступать, отступаться от веры, впадать в ересь
back down, retreat, digress, depart, recede, backslide
отступаться от веры
впадать в ересь
misbelieve, backslide
relapse into bad ways or error.
converted vegetarians backslide to T-bones
This means that schools that have improved enough to sustain success levels beyond three years will no longer need the funding, and should they then backslide , they'll again be eligible for help.
We say stand firm with the purpose and the mission and to hell with all those who may wish, for whatever reason, to backslide .
Whenever I read this Psalm of David, which is quite often, it reminds me what it would be like to backslide , and I pray that that never happens.
Some days I would backslide , and I'd still have anger, and I would just read the list.
there are many things that can cause slimmers to backslide
Only hope I don't backslide when I go to Grenada next weekend for a month or so.
It is only natural for such a people to backslide back to nepotism and dictatorship when the reigns are handed over.
converted vegetarians backslide to T-bones
I think that the fact they get a grand jury in there, they memorialize the people's testimony so that they can't backslide , they can't say, no, I didn't say that, they can't equivocate.
The shoes will still be there if the world disappointingly backslides behind old battlelines.