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backlight / подсветка
имя существительное
backlight, backlighting
освещать контржурным светом
backlight, illuminate from beneath
illuminate from behind.
she was backlit by the morning sun
имя существительное
illumination from behind.
If you are using a lighting kit, add a bit of extra backlight for that moonlight effect.
Finally, just below the display are small power and backlight buttons surrounding a large and highly visible scan key.
the camera offers useful features such as backlight compensation
The screen has a gorgeous bright-blue backlight .
One interesting feature is the ability to change the colour of the LCD backlight by pressing the C button on the front of the unit.
Beware of windows in the background: you don't want to shoot your dancer against too much backlight .
Using the phone's LCD backlight as a flashlight, Joanna made it to her room safely and silently.
Keys are illuminated by a soothing blue backlight .
The reverse backlight stays illuminated as long as you're fussing with buttons.
Reverse backlight illuminates the numbers instead of the background.
So I shot them all in backlight and each close-up in backlight and the studio came back and said, ‘We have to do this one over again.’